Dennis graduated with a Film & Television Production degree from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, focusing on cinematography and minoring in photography. His work has taken him across the United States and around the globe.
Dennis frequently shoots on film, and owns both Super 16mm and digital cinema cameras. He can get the shot high or low — both an experienced underwater camera operator and a licensed drone operator. It’s not uncommon to see Dennis on the back of a horse, leaning off the side of a snowmobile, or dangling over the edge of a hot air balloon to get the shot he wants. 
Dual Passports - United States // Germany (EU work capable)
16mm Film Camera Owner // Operator
Feature & Commercial (Germany/EU):
Uli Krause
+49 (0)30 55 27 12 55
US: +1 (971) 226-3681
DE: +49 (0)176 40470192

Feature Films
The Arrival (2024) - Documentary Dir. Eddy Gudakov - Alaska
Borrowed Land (2024) - Documentary Dir. Jenna Day - USA
After the Act (2023) - Narrative Dir. Ivan Malekin - Berlin, Germany
Losing Addison (2022) - Narrative Dir. Martin Beaudet - Portland, OR

Short Films
Akiles (2023) Dir. Nico Uris - Berlin, Germany
Here on Earth (2023) Dir. Katie Neuhof - Los Angeles, CA
(2023)  Dir. Jeff Prahl - Manila, Philippines
You Can Stay Over (If You Want) (2023) Dir. Zach Siegel - Los Angeles, CA
The Flash Is A Bomb (2023) Dir. Dalton Pate - Los Angeles, CA
Happy Landing (2023) Dir. Federico Peduzzi - Berlin, Germany
Danny Boy (2023) Dir. Jenna Day - Louisville, KY
Night Lights (2023) Dir. Andrew Fultz - Twentynine Palms, CA
Stealing My Heart (2022) Dir. Terence Digan - New York, NY
Unlawful Combatant (2021) Dir. Jack Fatheree - Los Angeles, CA
Wanna Go Camping? (2021) Dir. Zach Siegel - Mineral, CA
A Funny Thing Happened (2020) Dir. Terence Digan - Los Angeles, CA
Matt (2019) Dir. Ori Ravid - Los Angeles, CA
Clarity (2018) Dir. Mohammed Elshehabi - Los Angeles, CA
Born Again Sinner (2017) Dir. Eddy Gudakov - Indio, CA
Wing Man (2017) Dir. Ori Ravid - Los Angeles, CA
The Golden Apple (2017) Dir. Terence Digan - Barstow, CA
Designing the Westin London City (2023) Dir. Stephen Helstad - London, England
MySwitzerland (2022) Dir. Dennis Noack - Valais, Switzerland
Media Lab Sciences (2021) Dir. Jenna Day - Los Angeles, CA
TheraFace by TheraBody (2021) Dir. Jenna Day - Los Angeles, CA
Obagi (2021) Dir. Eduard Gudakov - Los Angeles, CA
Grande Cosmetics (2021) Dir. Eduard Gudakov - Los Angeles, CA
Out There In Hustler Country (2021) Dir. Dennis Noack - Flemingsburg, KY
The Man Makes the Suit (2019) Dir. Eddy Gudakov - Los Angeles, CA
Santa Monica Pier (2019) Dir. Blake Hodges - Santa Monica, CA
Race Across Frozen Alaska (2018) Dir. Eddy Gudakov - Wasilla, AK
Dive (2018) Dir. Eddy Gudakov - Albuquerque, NM
Augustinus Bader (2018) Dir. Dennis Mulyar - Iceland
Music Videos
Angelnumber 1210 Goon (2022) Dir. Katie Neuhof - Los Angeles, CA
Drink Destroy Boys (2021) Dir. Katie Neuhof - Los Angeles, CA
Pool Hopping Illuminati Hotties (2021) Dir. Katie Neuhof - Los Angeles, CA
MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA Illuminati Hotties (2021) Dir. Katie Neuhof - Los Angeles, CA
All Over Naringa (2018) Dir. Eddy Gudakov - Los Angeles, CA
Noonday Devil Cartalk (2018) Dir. Katie Neuhof - Los Angeles, CA
Chico Chico Jackie Cohen (2018) Dir. Ori Ravid - Los Angeles, CA
Underwater Cinematography
Draußen Die Welt (2023) Dir. Katrine Eichberger - Berlin, Germany
Outsiders (2021) Dir. Delmar Washington - Los Angeles, CA
Lost Transmissions (2019) Dir. Katharine O’Brien - Los Angeles, CA
Monster Party (2018) Dir. Chris von Hoffmann - Malibu, CA

Bath & Body Works Commercial (2017) Dir. KT Auleta - Palm Springs, CA
Los Angeles | Berlin | Global
Society of Camera Operators Assoc. Member
Underwater Camera Operator
FAA Part 107 Drone Operator